About The Artist

My name is Lucas Enrique. I was born in Ecuador and raised in Belgium by my mother who adopted me. Because of her, I never resented my background and always wanted to be informed why I felt so connected with nature and animals. After the journey I made to Ecuador when I was older, with my younger brother and my mother, I started to paint. For the last 4 years I didn’t paint anymore, because for a while, I was not in touch with myself anymore and had the real working life coming up. But after all these years, I couldn’t deny the fact I needed to be creative aside from a regular day job. Natural, bright and hot colours are symbolizing for my work. Also the geometrical shapes and lines are things that come back in my work. I like to merge the ‘cold’ geometrical designs with warm colours because it represents, for me, my ethnical background with the growing up in a western world. My brother, who is six years younger, is a musician and composer of theatre music. We both always had to be creative, and now we stimulate each other in what we do. His music opens up a new spectrum for my paintings and the other way around. I hope you enjoy my work. With warmth